Collection Preview Fall-Winter 2016/2017

After drawing a first and very noteworthy collection, inspired by the haute couture in Europe, associated with the richness of wax, Jeannie Cointre is launching her new collection of luxury ready-to-wear fashion for the autumn-winter of 2016-2017.


Made in France, Italy and Switzerland, coats with refined cuts, cashmere, silk, small- or large-brimmed hats, long gloves and glamorous and feminine silhouettes will be particularly highlighted in the heart of this new collection. The style of this new collection focuses on the spirit of Jeannie Cointre.

The ready-to-wear fashion is luxurious and enables the woman who wears it to play her multiple roles, carry out hermultiple activities (mother, wife, working girl, girlfriend…): the wax is like a concentrate of her life and tells a little of her story, of her experience, by small discrete and refined touches as a rose that is offered or bought for herself and of which the precisely chosen color delivers the exact message that is wanted (love, declaration, tenderness, comfort…). It is her talisman.