The Brand

“Sheryne, a couture brand that tells a powerful story through the audacious style and mixture of luxurious European and the African wax materials. A couture brand that is read like an open book, with wax printed fabrics that like the rose have the most sophisticated and enchanting language!”.

Jeannie Cointre has chosen as the signature of her style, deliberately creative, the interpretation or rather the reinterpretation of wax, this African fabric of which the ancestral know-how and richness could only inspire her. It enhances the luxurious European materials like cashmere, silk… Its unique printing technique gives rise to a pattern that tells a story like a saga. It is applied in small touches to each garment, each accessory to make them vibrate with subtlety, resulting in a sleek, desirable and bold elegance! Just as the rose, each wax has its language and transmits like a precious messenger a story, an emotion, a feeling, a milestone…


First a face with features as fine as Chinese porcelain. Lacquered black. Then eyes whose depth and intensity grab you and carry you to the end of their long eyelashes. A slender silhouette, willowy with a natural elegance, carved by years of professional basketball. Hands as fine as the delicate wings of a bird that unfold and seem to soar to punctuate each phrase. Under this body of ebony, a heart that beats strong, vibrant of generosity and passion. Spirited like a lioness, loving as only a woman who has had a thousand lives can be, and who with rare strength, courage and a fighting spirit, has made her own destiny a story where drama, happiness, luck and chance are interwoven in perfect harmony, a balance and serenity that demand respect.

The founder of the brand ”Sheryne” is all this and so much more. A rare person, a beautiful soul.  Jeannie Cointre is the founder of the luxury brand ”Sheryne”, of clothing dedicated to women, all women, from those who want be stylish, devilishly feminine and desirable, and who have, more than ever, a sense of taste for what is beautiful and refined. They are sensitive to the inherent to European luxury know-how (sumptuous materials, perfection of the production, sense of detail and finishes) but also that just as valuable by some cultures, particularly that of Africa hence is native Jeannie Cointre, specifically, Senegal: the art of the wax, a printed in dazzling patterns that persist in time without fade.

Portrait Jeannie_Cointre

A designer whose brand such as a rose has a stem that is powerfully rooted in the African continent and petals that flourish under the benevolent and stimulating cilmate of Switzerland, its other land. Like the heroine of the film “Out of Africa” who created schools for children, Jeannie Cointre wants her couture to rhyme with generosity and philanthropy by founding sewing schools in Africa. The wax of her brand will one day be manufactured by the hands of her protégés.